How to Concentrate on Studies (10 Study Tips in Hindi/Urdu)

How to Concentrate on Studies (10 Study Tips in Hindi/Urdu)


Here comes a video for students on how to concentrate on studies in Hindi. This Video will give you 10 Study Tips in Hindi which will help you to concentrate more in your studies. This video is more than a training video, it is also a motivational video for students who want to know how to get good marks in exams and studies.

Following are the 10 study tips in hindi which will help you to focus on your studies.
1.) Right Time Table: It is very important to know how to make right time table for study as this will lead to right time management for your studies ensuring better concentration. Instead of setting big targets, start with smaller targets. Do not sit for long hours initially if you are unable to concentrate. Sit for shorter durations and increase your concentration time span day by day. Also, every individual has a peak concentration time, it can be morning, evening, noon or night. You need to find your peak concentration time and make your study time table accordingly.
2.) Proper sleep for Students: Do you know how much sleep you need? Though it varies from body to body, but on an average a student should sleep for 7-8 hours. This will help you to concentrate while studying.
3.) Stress: Do not take stress of exams, stress of college or school. Do not let exam fear affect your concentration. Convert your worrying time into study time. The more time you spend in worrying or taking work stress, you are wasting your time to study and focus on same.
4.) Student Diet: As food affects brain, and brain affects concentration in work, we should be very careful in what we eat. This student motivational video also guides you on what to eat and what not to eat.
5.) Reward Yourself: Another concentration tips for studying is reward yourself. Give some incentive to yourself on completing the home work or task. This always help in self student motivation.
6.) Be Prepared: This is also part of important study tips for exams, make sure you have all things you need ready before you sit for studying and preparing for exams.
7.) Watch your surrounding: To ensure focus on your studies, it is very important to have disturbance free environment. This Hindi Video for students has given few tips on how to avoid disturbance and noise while studying.
8) Have a Why Sheet: Have some motivational reasons which trigger you to study and get perform best in your exams.
9) Do Critical Tasks first.
10) Meditation for Students in Hindi: Another tip to develop your concentration is meditation and yoga. This can do wonders in your concentration power. Regular mediation for study and yoga for students can enhance your focus time on study. Bhramari Pranayama, Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskar) and Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) can help students a lot.

So these were study tips in hindi for students which can help you to concentrate on studies. Wish you all the Best.


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